Help us make esports better

For years, we have been dedicated to making the internet a tool to enhance people's experience of videogames.

With Pletos, we want to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone to predict and find content about their favorite teams.

If you are a team, a player, a caster, a streamer or a community, you can help us with that.

How to become a partner

Become a partner

  1. Get to know each other

    Flings are not our thing, we are looking for long-term relationships,so let's take some time to chat or call each other to understand our expectations.

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  2. Setup your community

    Step-by-step, we will help you setup everything you need for your community, so it can feel at home.

  3. Get started

    Now that everyone is home, you can watch your fans enjoy predicting games. Sit back and relax.

What we provide

  • In-app branded leaderboard for your fans
  • Exclusive web interface allowing you to manage your community
  • Direct contact to your most dedicated fans
  • An opportunity to make esports an even better place
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